Footpath from Braunston to the upper right.

"Great Food" UK featured this excellent description of a walk through Hebe's Wood that includes links to the Braunston Pubs "The Blue Ball" and "The Old Plough". The editorial leads back to Braunston, over Hebe's wood via the bridleway. The map also shows the footpath which is marked in black as a dotted line. This path has been well maintained with new bridges, and hurdles. Both paths lead back to Braunston and a sit down at a fine Pub, so either way, you can't go wrong.

Pub walk in red, Hebe's Wood outlined in blue.

Dear reader / hiking enthusiast, we would appreciate some reference to maps and descriptions of the walks that pass through Hebe's Wood. Any links or reference would be appreciated.


  1. http://www.rutnet.co.uk/pp/gold/viewGold.asp?IDType=Page&ID=13973

    This site contains some trail maps in Rutland but none are through Hebe's Wood. I suspect we could get added to that site (and more importantly, the national trust site) if we put all the documentation together. The assistance of some serious walkers would be invaluable.

  2. This group perhaps http://www.rockingham-forestwalkers.com/perm/perm.htm

  3. I found one! Listed under "Pub Walks"


    I had the idea that the pubs would be the most likely to benefit from publicity...

  4. This jogging trail includes part of Hebe's Wood...