Coming by Car

Looking toward Braunston. Wood lane to the fore and rear, Braunston Rd to the right.
It is possible to drive to the edge of Hebe's Wood. From Braunston Church, go down to the lowest part of the village where Wood Lane starts. After about half a mile the road bends round to the left, but you should carry straight on (the picture above shows the view of the bend as you come away from the wood looking towards Braunston).

The road, still called Wood Lane, was once tarmacked, but is now quite rough. Carry on to an area with three locked gates - you can go no further. You can park here, but be careful to leave enough room for horses to continue up the bridleway. Alternatively, you can park on the side of Wood Lane before it narrows. However, remember that the lane is used by large agricultural vehicles, so please do not block gates or prevent access to the top of the lane.

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