The Building of the Beacon

Nice day for a beacon
Branches were stored from last fall
Gathering faggots
Center pole

Pallets for circulation
Almost there
The beacon building brigade of Braunston

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"It went up so quickly!"
Tidy up and clear away
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The beacon mascot approves
To the pub to relax
Norm and Sue review the process


  1. I've added you Min as an editor.
    Have a go at editing this post with your eloquent verse. Don't worry about breaking it. Drop it if it gets frustrating. Let me know how it goes.

    The Building of the Beacon


  2. The guy in the photo marked /councilman/ asked to get link info of Hebe's wood to add to the parish council website. I'd like to find out his name and email him to exchange info. We should get a link from his web site to us as well I think. Perhaps the same if true of other local Rutland webs. i.e.